Claudio Pizarro, unique life of football in a different class

He has not grabbed all the top headlines of football, but his life in the game is a bit sensational, keeping it going until passing 40. Claudio Pizarro made his last appearance in a game against Mainz in June 2020. In a spectacular career he had his fifth spell with Werder Bremen at the time.

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Born in Peru and playing for his nation 85 times, scoring 20 goals, making his debut in 1999 and getting his last cap 17 years later in 2016. Amazing to see a player being able to keep it going for so long and almost all games played a top level.

A domestic career in early years made Werder Bremen alerted making a move in 1999 for Pizarro’s signature, and his instant influence scoring 29 league goals in first two season, made it possible to get a dream move to Bayern Munich. He just continued scoring and moved to Chelsea, a move that didn’t really work out as well as anyone would have hoped, he returned to Bundesliga and signed for Werder Bremen again for a second spell.

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The in 2012 doing a new switch and signing for Bayern Munich again, staying for three seasons and again switching back to Werder Bremen. He just continued to enjoy the game and played on far in to his mid 30’s. Then after a new break at Werder Bremen, Köln is his next destination before a final move back to Werder for his last seasons in the game.

A total legend of the Bundesliga travelling abroad at the age of 20, and going on into his 40’s, just amazing, and of course fundly appriciated at especially Werder Bremen and Bayern Munich, with his five spells in green and two spells in red.

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To score a total of 236 goals in 596 league games in total is also not bad, almost a goal in every second game played. Still room for players of this calibre, being honoured for his goalscoring skills. After his decided to leave the game as a player he has taken up a role as ambassador of Bayern Munich.

Pizarro’s list of honours is a grand one, winning Bundesliga six times. He has also a number of cup triumphs as well, and not to forget his winner medal from the Champions League with Bayern Munich. A great player and among the longest serving, born in the seventies and still playing until 2020, unbelievable.

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