Wayne on the brink, take it or leave it, staying up or going down?

Wayne Rooney will face a difficult task taking on another relegation rival for their showdown at Pride Park tomorrow Saturday. This will decide to outcome of a relegation fight and it would difficult to stay in charge if the relegation happens for The Rams.

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The former Manchester United and Everton forward, and a legend at international level as well, took on this position during the season and his decision to take charge was of course both a surprise and also a chance to get a perfect start in management, but could also an suicide act.

If he manage to get another year in The Championship, this could of course be a great opportunity to take and he could win a race for a Premier League position, or if he manage to turn fortune around at this traditional club, he would easily be seen as a saviour.

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If the game tomorrow ends in defeat you have to go back 35 years to find the last time this club had a turn at level three in English football, and that would of course not be ideal, but Wayne Rooney says this has nothing to do with his commitment to be working on at the club.

The big question is rather, will he get the chance to continue or will the board at Derby County decide on another alternative, and could this be the last we did see of Wayne Rooney in management. This type of work isn’t for everyone and I am sure it will be something the former England man will think about himself.

We just have to wait and see what the world will be like after tomorrow.

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