Messi and Bielsa, could a possible magic switch happen at Leeds United!

Reports about Lionel Messi and his supposed flirt with Marcelo Bielsa taking the chance of leaving Leeds United for Barcelona looks nothing more than newspaper trash, but  could it be that instead Leeds United will pull of the impossible act and sign Lionel Messi.

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There is a bond between the two going years back as the two has a special admiration for each other. Rumours are that Manchester City are leading the race for Messi, but it could be more of an adventure to join Leeds United, and join the old maestro Bielsa and together take on the Premier League giants and shock the World.

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Leeds United is a giant in themselves but been to sleep for a long, long time. They don’t really have a “big name” in their squad and Lionel Messi would have been the perfect signing and indeed upset most managers and clubs around.

We have seen this happening before when Blackburn Rovers did appoint Kenny Dalglish and the “icon” of a manager did go all the way and won a Premier League trophy, not with Liverpool but while at Ewood Park, first promoting the club and then a few years after winning in the top, we really feal that this could be the next big shock in football.

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So why not Leeds United, go after Lionel Messi and make the most exciting force in football, and could they be also able to lure Sergio Aguero out of Manchester City, a new shining period of fantastic football at Leeds United would be on.

But we will see what Marcelo Bielsa will do in his build of Leeds United, great and exciting times in front, and what a wonderful reunion this would be.

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