VAR, a bigger “virus” than covid 19, we need to kill it and get rid of it

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There are leagues that still depend on the referee and don’t use VAR, and it goes perfectly ok, and you don’t have all the disturbance and silly waiting that you see in Premier League football at the moment.

The goal line techology is even under treath as we could see in the game between Sheffield United and Aston Villa, and of course human errors are the reason for it. As long as humans decide as they always do in the end, you don’t need this stupid system.

From being positive to the technology and the introduction of it, it changed to negative after watching the charade for a season. It’s time to act and get rid of it completely, goal line technology, VAR and every part of it, since the referee in the end has to decide.

The referee’s will also make errors in the future, but the way they have treated VAR it might be a time to let football be football and not a game of decission making, that is just something addressed to keep it floating and to have certain guidelines, but it should not interfer the way it does at the moment.

We know that the game have changed over the years and especially the goalkeeper rule that was changed a few years back made it less easier to stop the game and for the goalkeeper to disrupt and delay time. There are slight changes in rules all the time, one of the later once, is the kick off which looks a bit silly as you can play the ball backwards with one kick instead of one forward and the next backward.

We all know that penalty kicks was something also introduced to the game later on as it had been played without it and not introduced before 1902. It was a lot of discussion even then about this change as it is with VAR at the moment.

The penalty kick is still there and no one argues about it anymore, it’s natural, if VAR will survive is another matter, since it’s a devided game over the globe, somene use it and others don’t. The rules should be the same all over and not complicated with these type of technology making it even more difficult to decide and not even then get it correctly.

Would like to see a season totally without the technology to get a good view of it all, but FIFA and UEFA might be in difficulties as the technology has a business related matter that might see this continue with financial dilemmas connected to it.

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