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Lionel Messi is said to have donated 70% of his salary to other members for the Barcelona family, staff and other personell. Other players will also go in front to do the same. This is hopefully something that could spread around the globe among the richest footballers so that the community of those having their trade in the game would be helped over this terrible period of time.

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In several countries and also in the lower leagues of Spain, England, Germany and Italy their will be a number of footballers not really getting the payment they should and at the same time the game will suffer and in a number of clubs will go bust and players would have to consider retirement, try to get other work and when the game is up and running again most of them will not be able to train in the same way and professional football could vanish at places were you don’t have the bigger crowds.

So what will the richest of the richest players in the Premier League do. What about the “Two Harry’s” Kane and Maguire, at major clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United, will they contribute, will they share and be humble as captains of their teams, go in front.

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Italy suffer a lot and those players and managers of Inter and AC Milan, hopefully they will see a chance to help and really go in front, we certainly hope so. Managers of major football clubs should follow Lionel Messi and really contribute.

We certainly hope that the football family will look after themselves, because if not, the game will probably be set back several years as talent no longer will be able to flourish as much as they did before with the minor professional teams and amateur clubs probably setting a new lock on investments of younger players as they try to keep a senior first eleven floating.

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The major clubs could be more or less “alone” and to get the best out of talents are not seeing them all either in youth teams or the reserves but by loaning them out, and be able to give them the best possible route to the top.

Again great to see “the best of the best” doing what he is doing going in front as a captain of Barcelona and showing that he is a fantastic person, not just a brilliant footballer.


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