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John Wark, is a Scottish former footballer who spent most of his playing time with Ipswich Town. He won a record four Player of the Year awards before becoming one of the four inaugural members of the club’s Hall of Fame. Wark had long spells at the club, which bookended his career, and a third, brief interlude dividing his briefer periods at Liverpool and Middlesbrough. A versatile player, Wark played most of his professional games as a midfielder, although he sometimes played as a central defender and on occasion as a striker.

Born in Glasgow, Wark represented Scotland in international football, winning 29 caps and scoring seven goals. This included selection for Scotland in the 1982 FIFA World Cup in which he made three appearances and scored twice.

During his playing career, Wark appeared in the film Escape to Victory. Since retiring as a professional player in 1996, he has continued to work for Ipswich Town—since September 2008 in the corporate hospitality department. His autobiography, Wark On, was published in 2009.


  • Full Name: John Wark
  • Position: Midfield
  • Date of Birth: 04.08.1957
  • Birthplace: Glasgow
  • Nation: Scotland
    • Full Caps: 29
  • Major League Career
    • 1975-84, Ipswich Town (266/94)
    • 1984-88, Liverpool (70/28)
    • 1988-90, Ipswich Town (89/23)
    • 1990-91, Middlesbrough (32/2)
    • 1991-97, Ipswich Town (154/18)
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