Brescia Calcio, Serie A, Mario Balotelli, the new life of “I Biancazzurri”

Brescia is back in Serie A. They left the best party as far back as 2011, and since been a drifter in the Serie B. But last season they found a formula that would see them as champions of the 2nd level league and really again be noted in Italian football.

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Fans are excited as the club is now preparing in the best way possible for their return and signed Mario Balotelli. A lively character who we all know have travelled the world of football, but still is not older than 29.

So will he be able to settle and enjoy his football again. His best years in football must be said to have been during his recent stay at Nice, which resulted in a move to Marseille, and then of course his years at Manchester City.

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Balotelli is back in Italian football, and will as we all know play next season with Brescia, who also have seen players such as Andrea Pirlo, Roberto Baggio and Pep Guardiola play in their “shirt”. Georghe Hagi, Luca Toni and Allesandro Altobelli are other names from the past that has a life at Brescia during the footballer career.

Despite being a club with a bit of an “iconic” sound, most seasons of Brescia are in Serie B, and they are probably not risking their existence on a desperate hunt for players that could see them as a survivor, but indeed eying Mario Balotelli and also being able to seal a deal looks like a club with a bit more ambition just to be staying up.

The transfer window is still open for some time, closing on the 2nd of September for Serie A clubs, so we might see a few more signings. Another new player at Brescia are former FC Copenhagen goalkeeper Jesse Joronen.

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A player to notice is their captain Daniele Gastaldello, with an important role and a player that despite his age, reached 36, to be important for a good run. Gastaldello has previously been with Sampdoria and Bologna, as his major career has been spent in those two clubs, in a period of 10 years.

Brescia will open their season in a difficult away game against Cagliari, and we will see how their coach, highly experienced, Eugenio Corini will compose his team and how he will approach the game.

Corini will most certainly find a spot for Mario Balotelli, and hopefully their main goalscorer Alfredo Donnarumma will be on the field. Donnarumma (28) has a tally of goals during his career that shows impressive figures. He joined from Empoli last season and netted 25 goals in 32 Serie B games. Donnarumma can also play in that role just behnd the top forward, so it could be very exciting times ahead at Stadio Mario Rigamonti.

Key Facts, Brescia Calcio,

  • Year Formed: 1911
  • Manager: Eugenio Corini
  • Club Captain: Daniele Gastaldello
  • Colours: Blue and White
  • Honours: Serie B,
    • Winners,
      • 1964/ 65,
      • 1991/92,
      • 1996/97,
      • 2018/19,
  • Official Website: Brescia Calcio


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