Diego Armando Maradona, a film and a story, brilliance and magic

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Diego Armando Maradona became an “icon” in the World of football, and the recent film about his life is worth a view. Most of us has seen this guy on the field and we should remember him for that, this  is the focus in our story.

He was talked about in front of the 1978 World Cup, but Cesar Luis Menotti, never took out the “phenomena” as we had to wait for his “introduction” four years later.

The 1.65 tall “artist” played with his brains, and his focus was to be able to beat the opponent and pass him. That is the simple focus of football and why dribbling skills are so important. Few or no one could dribble the way Diego Armando Maradona did.

After the 1986 World Cup, were he was the man of the moment, the player that set the universe on fire, things starts to fall a bit apart. Maradona was often called up on as “GOD”, probably would be better to say “JESUS”.

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Maradona came to Napoli as a savior, but his “off field” behavior made it difficult to get the full acceptance and by the time a new World Cup comes a long, he is no longer the fans favorite of Italy, and when he also defeats the home nation with his Argentina, he is no longer seen as the hero and savior, not even in Napoli.

Diego Maradona made no secret of his will to move on to another country and try his luck elsewhere, but he was still  with Napoli. After a number of setbacks he pulls himself together and again is part of a Argentina national team when the 1994 World Cup comes along, fit and eager to go.

But as we all know, Diego Maradona is gone by the time Brazil are lifting the World Cup trophy, again failing a drug test and being thrown out. He had during this period been playing for Sevilla, Newell Old Boys and after the World Cup, returning to his former club Boca Juniors.

Despite a life in contrast he is still around, working in football and recently seen as coach for Mexican club Dorados Sinaloa. The now 58 year old Maradona has in some peculiar way managed to keep on going as a coach and was also the manager of Argentina. Being in charge from 2008 and 2010, and as we all could see, part of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

His magic as a player will never be forgotten and especially the way he won the World with his great performances for Argentina will stay in our minds forever.

The movie is out now, worth a visit and hopefully you will enjoy it and find time to see how brilliant Diego Maradona was.

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