The strange life of English football and foreign influence!

Gareth Southgate is concerned about foreign influence in English club football, something that is an ongoing saga.

Tottenham had five english players in their starting line-up against Liverpool in the CL final. Liverpool fielded few from start as well.

Arsenal had only one in their team against Chelsea, who had none, som og course a worry to see si few English players, but the other Home nations must be more worries as they are almost vanished from english football.

Only one player, the Scottish left back Andy Robertson had any involvement in the two finals something that was a bit og the life of English clubs in the pasta.

Often said and heard was that you couldn’t win a title without a Scottish player in your team, but til many was not good either.

Going back to the 80’s and 70’s when English clubs dominated in Europe, you seldom had a full English team, but also players from the other Britisk nations.

Aston Villa won the European Cup in 1982, with dominstion of english players but among those in the picked 11 were three Scots. Allan Evans and Ken McNaught in the heart of the defense, with Des Bremner playing in midfielder.

Back in 1975 when Leeds faced Bayern Munich only four players picked in the starting line-up by Jimmy Armfield were English. Paul Madeley, Allan Clarke, Norman Hinter and Paul Reaney, the rest played for other nations.

Liverpool and Nottingham Forest were other clubs winning the European Cup in this period of time, and the influence of players such as Archie Gemmill, John Robertson, Kenny Burns, Kenny Dalglish, Ian Rush, Greame Souness, Alan Hansen and several others made those teams great.

When Liverpool played Everton in the 1986 FA Cup final, and became double winners that season, they had a team fielded without a single English player.

Gareth Southgate has a point, but his worries is nothing new AS this has been a topic for almost 50 years .

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