The strange way of measuring success, this seasons Arsenal stats tells the story

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To see Unai Emery doing well is not bad at all, a good manager with a great approach to the game and one who will probably be able to follow in the footsteps of Arsene Wenger.

But to fell in the trap and measure Emery on the games played lately and his good record has also to be based on the fact that the fixture list is giving The Gunners a chance to do so, against teams that they in 10 of 10 games should win against anyway.

If we measure up this against the stats of Arsene Wenger in the same games or similar games last season, the problem for Wenger was that the fixture list was different.

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Emery lost the two first games of the season against two good teams, Manchester City and Chelsea, and everyone was saying give this guy time. The next games have all been against opponents Arsenal should be winning against as said above.

The last game against Leicester City makes you start to wonder were Arsenal are going, after a first half dominated by The Foxes. 2nd half was a memory of what could be seen at Highbury in the days of Bergkamp and Henry, fantastic football, one touch play based on a captain Ozil who Claude Puel, the Leicester City manager ignored and had no plan what so ever to stop, he was magnificent the Arsenal captain.

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To see Arsenal defeat opponents at home, such as Leicester, Everton, West Ham, Brentford, Watford and Vorska should be a formality. To win away is always good and should not be taken away from them, as they did against teams in the relegation zone, Fulham, Newcastle and Cardiff, and also defeating Quarabac in the Europa League.

Last season in the same games under Arsene Wenger, at home v. Leicester (4-3), Everton (5-1),  West Ham (4-1), Watford (3-0), away against Newcastle (1-2) is a better result, picking out two other teams who got relegated last season, Swansea, Stoke or West Bromwich, you will see that Arsenal was defeated by both Stoke and Swansea, and mangaged a draw against West Bromwich. Among the teams played away that was relegated last season, the result against Stoke City was the only one coming early. None of those three were newly promoted sides and had a relatively long life behind them in the top flight.

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In the two games, Unai Emery, have lost this season, Arsene Wenger had better stats, defeat at home against Man City (0-3) and a draw away to Chelsea (0-0).

Arsenal won the two first games in the Europa League last season, against Cologne and Bate Borisov. Arsenal managed to go all the way to the semi-final of this tournament and ended 6th in the Premier League.

The difference at the moment is small and to reach the same level of success that Arsene Wenger had last season will be a tall order for Unai Emery. To fail in the semi-final against one of the best teams in Europe, Atletico Madrid is far fram disastrous.

To see Arsene Wenger lose his job after that season is difficult to understand and please do not sit and smile and believe a possible lie, not take into consideration the fixtures, how they are organized and what teams you are playing at what time.

The change and the sack of Wenger is based on what the Frenchman managed to do at the club in previous seasons and that his performances were in decline, and that does have something to do with all the sales of his best players. Hopefully Unai Emery will be able to fix that difficulty to keep the best players at the club, something surely Arsene Wenger struggled to accomplish.

Why players likes to leave a club like Arsenal is a massive and strange scenario, but the cash flow and the board at the club might have something to do with it. Arsenal are a selling club, and as we all know, going a bit back, Liverpool, Barcelona, Manchester City, Manchester United and Juventus are all going to North London to find their market, that will probably not change under Emery either, as it has been the pattern the last 50 years.

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