Who can kiss the badge, players with a long life at a club, who are they?

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You can see it all over and many players kissing the badge after a goal scored or after a game played, telling the fans that I am yours forever. Lionel Messi of course is one, so are a lot others.

Some are foolish others are through and through honest players really loving their club and they are still around and out there, not part of a transfer merry go round.

You would never see Frank Lampard kissing the Man City badge, despite doing his job during a loan period in his last season in Premier League.

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John Terry who had a long and fantastic time with Chelsea is another to really honor and one you would love to see doing the same.

Today would be great to see players like Jordan Henderson and Dean Sturridge doing it for Liverpool, being at the club for a long time, but to Salah and Mane doing it, would be strange, after just a season at the club.

Jamie Vardy is one that could kiss the Leicester City badge all the way, everyday and yesterday. A legend and one honoring his club, showing commitment to someone who really gave him everything in football.

Eden Hazard is at the moment a Chelsea player and it’s a bit sad to see rumors about him leaving Stamford Bridge, he has grown and grown in the blue shirt, and his loyalty is very important to the club and their future.

Mark Noble at West Ham is a player you just have to admire highly. He is the through example of one loyal bloke coming back and showing his qualities, being there when The Hammers needs him as most.

Andy King, no longer part of future plans at Leicester City and also Danny Simpson, fantastic work done over a long period of time, sadly football is a mean game and when managers takes their decisions and makes things work for the better, then you can’t blame them, but please kiss the Leicester City badge.

At Everton and at Tottenham you have players who shows great loyalty and soon will become legendary players. The likes of Ashley Baines, Seamus Coleman, Eric Dier and of course Harry Kane are players who just should kiss and kiss their badge and show how much they love their club.

Sadly at Arsenal you only have Aaron Ramsey at the moment, and maybe Mesut Ozil who are long term servant, but both players are in a bit of a bubble at the moment, not shure what the future will bring.

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So seeing a new man with a handfull of games doing a badge kiss is not enough, but of course doing it for your country on a debut would be 100 % in line, since you will for always be proud of your country and no one can take that away from you.

Manchester United do have their players, Smalling, Rashford, Lingard and Valencia to mention four, not to forget Phil Jones either. Man City, just start kissing, Aguero and Kompany, both are players who would fit the idea of a badge kiss.

At least you need four seasons at a club before going for “the kiss”, being there and showing all the fans you are loyal and can be trusted and will do what you have to do as long as the club is eager to keep you.

From a list of loyal players you will always find those who spent their full career at one single club, one is Messi, other players from the past is Trevor Brooking (West Ham), Francesco Totti (Roma) and not so known, Swindon Town defender John Trollope.

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