Launched back in 2005. The site had grown out of the less known website Soccerengine. The previous site was just a small database of players, team updates and transfers, as the new Soccervoice became highly popular and running more like a blog.

The site got attention and grew popularity in early 2005 getting noticed by News Now a few months after the launch and the site became a great one, reaching 7 million views in a very short time.

Spinning around themes about former players, current players, transfers and rumour gossip and such. A number of stories were also unique in the way that they had not been seen published before.

The site was mainly build in Frontpage, and it was difficult to keep up with new life for a while, not really able to relaunch the site in the best way possible and with the smartphones getting more and more popular, the site became old fashion and traffic stalled.

After a number of layout changes and updates we finally got a new and better look, prepared for the new life with integrations to social media and again starting to bring in more visits and slowly getting back to were we used to be.

When we decided to go for WordPress as our new platform we are hopefully seeing a rise in popularity again as we hopefully will be able to grow from our 2000 to 10 000 followers a month and up to a much higher tally as soon as the site is 100% up and going.

We are published at a number of places and with Google News as the major base for visits, we hope to grow our fanbase for real reading on football topics.

To get in contact with us, just send and e-mail to, info@soccervoice.com.

Site History,

  • 2005, Launched under the domain soccervoice.com
  • 2010, Reaching 7 million views
  • 2018, Major facelift, joining WordPress