The Argentinian Mac Allister’s, Brighton & Hove Albion flying the colour’s

The name Carlos Mac Allister is probably known to most people being associated with Argentinian football, as his presence is seen and today’s national secretary of Sports in Argentina. He is of Scottish and Irish descent, and a few surprises when he turned up on a number of soccer cards in front of the 1994 World Cup.

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Carlos was never included in the finals in the US, despite making three appearences in 1993 and by that being one close to selection, but the finals was played without the left back taking part. We had seen a number of them from before, but not really thinking of the British influence on the Argentinian society all those years ago, but of course they are still many in numbers with British sir names. Former internationals Rene Houseman, Carlos Babington and Jose Luis Brown are all Argentinian internationals with names not really thought of as Argentinian, and when Carlos Mac Allister turned up in front of the 1994 World Cup, he build on the tradition of a British name in Argentinian national teams.

Carlos Mac Allister retired at the age of 30, and the now 51 year old has really nursed forward great talent having three sons playing professionally, one of them joined Brighton & Hove Albion last season, but was loaned straight back to his club Argentina Juniors, and at the moment on a new loan adventure with Boca Juniors.

The former Boca Juniors, Argentina Juniors and Racing Club left back never left his country to play professional football in Europe, despite probably being good enough and if eager could have found a bit out about his ancestors in Fife Scotland, but now Alexis will most certainly be one to bring his dad over to find his roots.

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The Mac Allister’s of Argentina couldn’t have found a better team than Brighton & Hove Albion, funnily playing in almost the same colours as the Argentinian national team, so for Alexis it must be a thrill to sign for The Seagulls. Carlos, being a former team mate of Diego Maradona, will of course follow his three sons on their route in football, with the youngest being the one now soon moving to Premier League, who at the moment is playing his football with Boca Juniors.

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The two other brothers, Kevin and Francis are with Argentina Juniors, which also was the team that Carlos started his career with. Seldom you see so many of a family being able to get through and claim careers in professional football, so will be interesting to follow them all on their routes going forward.

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Alexis has made his debut for Argentina and the young midfielder got his chance in the two games this September, playing against Chile and Mexico. He will most certainly be followed by his manager at Brighton & Hove Albion, Graham Potter.

The story of players of Argentina with those British sir names coming through must of course be a genetic art, as they still several generations since those emigrants moved still are flying the flag of their ancestors.

Carlos himself admitted he had little or no contact with any family in Scotland, despite his family being from Fife, and that he sometime in the future would like to see Ireland and Scotland, and with his son now soon in English football, we believe that visits will be given to his natives.

A number of Argentinian players have played in England, but as far as we know, Francis Mac Allister will be the first related to British emigrants moving to Argentina in the 19th century, turning out in the Argentina national colours of Brighton & Hove Albion.



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