Former Manchester United legend Gary Neville is in hot water for his integrity surrounding the 2022 World Cup

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Neville, who is well within his rights to have his own views, has been labelled a hypocrite by certain sections of the media for criticizing the hosts’ political practices, before agreeing to fly to the region to conduct punditry.

Whilst we can all agree that there are delicate geopolitical reasons around the World Cup hosts, I have to question Neville’s bottle for going to the tournament when he could’ve made a stronger statement by staying home

Former Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan criticised Neville in October for his ‘hypocritical’ stance over the World Cup, stating that a ‘big bag of money’ was the motivation behind Neville’s trip to Qatar rather than the former Manchester United defender’s hopes to highlight the issues. 

I don’t often disagree with Gary Neville from a moral standpoint, however, he’s let down his legions of fans by deserting them in the chase for ITV’s money.

Jordan, who I admire greatly, said: ‘’If you want to have these views then you’ve got to back them up with substance, and that’s where he falls down.”’

As a man who has never once failed to live up to his principles, I shake my head at people like Neville and urge them to look at me for inspiration. Do I care about this World Cup? No. Am I flying over there to cover it? No, and the fact I wasn’t invited is completely and utterly irrelevant. 

I must point out that Neville did great work by trashing the European Super League in April 2021, and his viral rant about it inspired a lot of people to also share their disapproval. The Sky Sports pundit certainly is no supervillain, but he needs someone like me to show him the right moral path. 

The feud between the former England right-back and Simon Jordan continues to rage on, with the latter often taking aim at the former’s hypocrisy. Another person who has Neville in their crosshairs is Cristiano Ronaldo, who recently took aim at him in his explosive interview with Piers Morgan. 

After snubbing Neville on the touchline at a recent Man Utd game, Ronaldo stated that his former teammate is deliberately criticizing him on-air for views and attention. This, combined with the World Cup hypocrisy allegations, has resulted in a rough couple of weeks for Mr. Neville – though I’m sure the ‘big bag of money’ he’ll receive for his coverage will help ease the pain.


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