Stop criticising Timo Werner, top man, top level, volcano to explode

Timo Werner’s first season at Chelsea tells a story of a player that makes everything happen and gets to a great number of chances, but sometimes being unfortunate in his attempts, but with this potential Chelsea are close to a massive breakthrough.

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Close to a volcano, but still not yet blossomed fully and with that wait, we should be looking for some fantastic excitement going forward and with the sacking of Frank Lampard in the mirror, you are looking at a revolution of football that we know will not see at Chelsea.

The approach of Thomas Tuchel is short term, with Frank Lampard it was so much different as his vision never will be fulfilled with his project of youth in it’s birth. Short term it looked often messy this season under Frank Lampard, but that is now starting to look like a hybrid we don’t really like, but still it’s a Champions League final to be played.

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The additions of players this season was part of a long term plan and with Timo Werner we didn’t get the results so far in goals scored, but in chances created and also knowing he didn’t start all games, you have a blistering potential still to come out.

Timo’s records at his previous clubs talks for it self, 14 goals in 96 games at Stuttgart is probably also part of such a scenario, and as a very young player you get up’s and down’s, but that didn’t stop RB Leipzig from pushing the button and signing this happy face.

You cannot anything else to admire such a player, always with a smile on his face, talking English in his own way, always positive and full of joy, either he scores or not, just an incredible person. 78 goals in 127 games for the Red Bull’s.

The move to Chelsea last summer came after a great run also for Die Mannschaft. So far 15 goals in 38 games. Looking at his stats at Chelsea since arriving, you have the following, 38 big chances, a number of VAR situations and of course not converting at the highest ratio.

But the potential of Timo Werner is huge and hopefully Thomas Tuchel can be what Frank Lampard would have been long term, bringing forward some of the most excited happenings in football, but with young players you will get the up’s and down’s.

Next season will be very interesting, very interesting, and hopefully it could flourish already in the final of the Champions League, good luck Chelsea!

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