Coppa Italia, top value and not just this “little” Italian Cup title

Juventus defeated Atalanta to win Coppa Italia, and a great win for new coach Andrea Pirlo, who could celebrate his first title in a difficult season. Bringing in their former star and also the player that in a way made the path back to the top a number of years ago when switching from AC Milan.

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Coppa Italia is a long traditional running cup competition going back to the early 20’s and from then on been a competition mostly won by the major teams and you don’t find many of those called minor clubs.

If you look at the big four, AC Milan, Juventus, Inter and Roma it’s been a change between those clubs with Juventus the most winning in the century. Napoli and Lazio together with Fiorentina are other clubs to have won the competition and to see Atalanta in the final is of course great. Atalanta has a previous title back in 1962/63.

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To get into Europe is still valued in Italy and with the quality in this league of course difficult to get a place and when it happens it’s grand and of course very much appreciated, it’s not something you bring in the kitchen door, largely underestimated as a quality tournament.

The final of the competition this season did see a bit of drama as it was an open affair, Juventus taking the lead after 31 minutes from Dejan Kuluzewski, Atalanta getting even with a Ruslan Malinowski strike. and then in the 73rd minute seeing Federico Chiesa scoring that special winner.

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This was the 14th time Juventus took home this trophy, Roma have 9 titles to show, Inter and Lazio follows with 7 wins each.

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