Pep Guardiola and Manchester City, champions of England

After it was clear that Leicester City had defeated Manchester United at Old Trafford, time was again there to crown Manchester City league winners in England. They have fought off competition from many directions this season, not really starting in the best way possible.

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The fact that they had to see Leicester City winning at The Etihad, 5-2, early on, was probably a signal to count as they have fought their way back and again how was that possible with such a slow start.

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Pep is a “machine” of football, he has his clear ideas and a number of players have during this season taken steps, and some have come back and done more that we would ever have hoped could happen, especially Ilkay Gundugan is such a special example. The evolvement of Phil Foden is another key in the rise of Manchester City this season.

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Riyad Mahrez has taken steps and he is getting “warmer” and “warmer” and his skills are probably not valued enough. The return of John Stones must also be seen as he has flied out of the shadows and really been the “rocker” of this campaign.

The mix has really worked as games have been won on a string, and the “machine” is really evolving on to the next level. Goals are scored with play being developed in every area and even old heads like Fernandinho and Sergio Aguero are still contributing with flair and hard work.

The fact that Pep can call up on his older men when a few others are resting, is a strength, heavily underrated. And the squad is cleverly build with age not being a talking point even when players get above 30, and you have a few still left at the club, and the generation at the club at the moment are really buzzing as young hearts.

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Players such as Laporte, De Bryune and the rest of those certainties with Walker and Sterling also showing form over the full season, makes is easy to see how this is possible.

Collecting trophies are what Pep is all about, and this season it was firstly a League Cup trophy in the cabinet, The Premier League is in there now, and we just have to wait and see if they can defeat Chelsea in that Champions League and for the first time be the champions of Europe as well.

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