Newcastle United, back to old heights or just continue as the “odd” man out

The club is a massive disappointment at the moment, not that being a Premier League team is bad, but it’s just not close to the potential. Newcastle United have the tradition, the history, the great number 9’s and of course blasts from the past.

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It’s a long time ago that the club managed to win any silverware, but not so far gone when they competed in the Champions League and fought for domestic trophies. They had their heights coming back heavily from “lower points” and the way Kevin Keegan managed to bring success to the club in his first period was phenomenal to experience.

His second stint in charge wasn’t as good as everyone would have expected and he as so many others struggled to get any good relation to Mike Ashley. Rafael Bentiz, Kenny Dalglish and Sir Bobby Robson all had their runs and managed to bring some stability.

The current group of players are not capable of winning many trophies and will not be able to take up any competition and getting into the top four. So new players must be added and probably also a new manager introduced. Not that Steve Bruce has done a bad job, not at all, but have difficulties to see him taking this club into the top of the pops, which with new owners will be the demand.

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The club struggles to get their fans satisfied and they want things a certain way, they want to win by there own rules, but it’s like dictating life. You either support the colors, the kit and you go to watch the team play at St. James Park, of course if certain people taking control you have to consider and decide, but it’s like Newcastle United never gets it right and that was not the case before with Sir John Hall owning the business.

So this group of fans doesn’t want Mike Ashley as their owner, they don’t like the new guys and it’s a difficult theme and  topic this owner situation at Newcastle United. The first thing that needs to be done is to bring in more quality players and if that happens we will probably see a change from the fans and hopefully winning will make them sing again.

We just have to wait for exciting days ahead and hopefully see the flag of Magpies again fly high and it will be very interesting to follow the future and hopefully that will be a bright one, and could it be that Rafael Benitez will consider a return, during his days at the club it seems if it could silence the dissatisfaction.

This will be a revelution if it happens and Newcastle United could become a “superclub” up there with the top clubs of Europe and allready names such as Gareth Bale, Edson Cavani and Toni Kros are mentioned as new recruits.

At least these plans will for the main supporter of football make it more exciting to see who can challenge the top of the pops and make this group even larger and the Premier League and Champions League more unpredictable which is something we all will like to happen.

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