Managers sacked, based on an old list from far gone decades and centuries!

The last man to fall was Manuel Pellegrini losing his job at West Ham United after tonights defeat v. Leicester City. So why is Pellegrini sacked, probably a difficult run of bad results, but also based on him being close to a line telling everyone that life could be more difficult crossing the line and going into the bottom three.

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The league table has massive power, so much power that you cannot really understand how such a table can be the real deal and the truth about the way football is ran and how it will progress going into new decades and centuries.

Some of the best men in football are often just running around at different clubs and moves in that top level of the game, rotating around, some like Pellegrini has taken a step down to manage a club at a lower level, being with a history of struggling in the Premier League and going a bit up and down between the two top divisions.

All clubs are based on this “list” and not being at the top of the list will be a failure, so why are other clubs just trying to sign the same man and believe that they will get up the ladder and just not thinking logically about how you are progressing as a club.

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Of course it should be a competition and the way you compete is the way it should be, but to be able to “sack” managers during a season or when you are competing, looks a bit strange as you are in the middle of a battle that is not in any way finished.

There are ways to block such decision making by rules and regulation, but shouldn’t football in itself be looking at the way they compete, how money is thrown at clubs in the top of the list and really by moving this way destroying the game and the fun of it all together.

A lot of people joins this party for so many wrong reasons that you would not believe it was possible and therefor a more human system should be introduced, so that the clubs that develop and maintain the honest standards of the game survives and can be able to compete.

Of course it’s great to watch football in all countries but with the league systems running the rules of the game and being able to see managers just getting their head shot of during the “tournament” is a bit unfair.

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If you look at other sports they are having a number of competitions going on as the main tournament is running, and looking at cycling phenomena Tour de France, you are running the green jersey, the young jersey and the climbing jersey as well as the big one the yellow jersey.

Of course the yellow jersey will be the one to win, but along that long and difficult tour you need other things to compete for as it makes the competition more interesting, and you will of course get a version that could give Premier League a new and broader dimension.

The fact that clubs are relegated and some are coming up is a thrill and makes great excitement, but it also makes a lot of people who are really educated in a profession, seen as people losing their jobs, and money thrown out of windows instead of investing in academy work and educating people in this profession.

This is waste of money and clubs firing managers should be fined with heavy fines that should again be money put into academy work and administrated by the FA to develop the game on grass root levels.

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 The money used on sacking managers and appointing new heads are not really making the game going forward and fines would be in place as you have not been able to bring your club into the right type of setting with your current appointment.

After a season is finished there should be a window were you can replace managers without getting a fine, and you should not be able to bring in a manager during the season that is employed by another team.

Why such rules are not set in place is a riddle as it is a disturbing part of the set up and talking about this rules, the January transfer window should have been scrapped all together as it is a farce and making a lot of “fake news” running around.

Clubs should be able to buy and sell players during the month of June and July, and closed all together for the rest of the year, this would again see the clubs good on development and bringing forward talent as winners, as you would be probably not able to make more than a few signings and not really risking releasing too many players.

We will see how this game will go on in the future, but clearly more regulations on these matters will be needed.

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