Newsletter – September 2019, What’s New, Website Talk, What’s Next

The autumn is here and league seasons are ongoing all over the planet, with our main focus being on those most popular, and of course a special eye on England as we base our blog & portal on that as a priority, but of course not missing out on other interesting happenings in football.


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What’s New,


Check out our new section, Icons, with a full update on news, stats and every important detail that counts on, our three big names in football, Messi, Neymar and Ronaldo. The section will keep you up to date with it all, a must follow!

Focus On – Vintage,

A number of former greats are now added to the Focus On – Vintage pages, as we are continuing filling the section with exciting and new updates, with the players that we all have so fond memories of.

Blog Talk,

A number of new and interesting articles made in the recent month. To find out, never miss out our new and fresh surprises as topics are selected with the mind that you will find our topics of different football related articles interesting.

Check out all our recent articles, log on to the Blog Talk page.

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Website Talk,

Facebook is a place we like to be and publish our stories, and now we have had a number of campaigns running, especially one campaign running in Buenos Aires, Argentina, looks to have drown great amount of traffic.

New publisher on board, Football Addict, has started to publish our articles, great and hopefully driving loads of more traffic to our site, with more fans starting to recognize our quality.

We are also proud of our relationship with Amazon who we build a great link up towards, don’t miss out on our updates on books etc, one of a kind is our cover of the new Jimmy Greaves story.


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What’s Next,

Ground Guide,

We will continue to add new grounds to the section, and the work is ongoing with new stadiums added week in and week out. You will find unique and a special picture galleries put in place.


There will be continuing work on our Teams section. Sites are refurbished to make them better and hopefully getting the updates needed to be alternative sites for many fans to enjoy and come back to for their updates. The Team sites are found from the main menu.

Blog Talk,

New and interesting updates from the World of football. Don’t miss out on those unique and special made articles, you will not find elsewhere, taking the temperature on the game all over.

We hopefully see you back soon, please like and follow on facebook as our comminity grows and more fans will find us and return as often as they can.

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