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We will entertain you with a newsletter when we feel it is time to talk and give you an update on what’s coming next, what we have done to make our services better and hopefully bring you the news you are looking for in football.

Latest Site Updates,

We have now added new teams to our section and you can see that West Ham, Tottenham and Wolverhampton all have new and fresh updated club sites. As always with the best links to those sites really giving you the stuff needed to follow your team.

You will find them all from the top menu and all other teams included as well.

Hot Topic,

The summer is the update of transfers and so far a few has come in. The top signing done must be Eden Hazard who has left Chelsea and will play for Real Madrid next season. Zinedine Zidane will do what it takes to bring Real Madrid back in contention for the major titles as Real has faulted a bit this season.

What’s Next,

We will continue to update the site with new club pages, the ground guide section is under way as well and will soon be filled with more ground key info. Don’t miss out on our book recommendations and check our “extra” section who can be added with new info day by day.

As always our weekly update on transfer gossip and talk is out, so is the “happy birthday” retro stories, don’t miss out on the Norwegian Blue talk, which is unique and based on stories never printed or talked about before. If you like “The Football Pink” and “These Football Times” never miss a “Norwegian Blue” update.

We will add new stuff as we continue to grow our site, you can as always follow us on Facebook and Twitter and don’t miss out our updates on Pinterest. From the Website section you will find the Social Media links.

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