Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, Paul Pogba, Manchester United and the way forward, what will happen next!

The complications at Manchester United were not solved by sacking Jose Mourinho, despite getting a great respond from both fans and players when appointing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in a caretaker capacity.

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For people with a careful eye you have to see behind results and act on reality instead of being “blinded” by pundits selling an idea week in and week out, making their program or news more popular with more clicks than the other.

The real fact was that Jose Mourinho had in his short period won the League Cup, Europa League, The Community Shield and ended runners up in the FA Cup. He also managed to end 2nd in the Premier League in the previous season.

The results away to Juventus and the home win against Fulham at Old Trafford was never given any applauds and in real it was just a cruel campaign to get a brilliant manager, probably one of the best, out and get in something new more exciting, since Jose Mourinho wins you trophies but seldom with a big smile and funny stories.

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Ed Woodward went for Jose Mourinho when he wanted to reestablish the winning mentality which was there all the time. A bit of a “tug of war” with Paul Pogba and his “staff” was not well taken by the fans and instead of supporting a manager winning you titles and giving you Champions League football, they wanted a romantic love affair with a previous great and they got him, the sunshine boy, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Despite not seeing behind results, and what really was going on, people started to believe in “fantasy” with a man that got a splended start, throwing Norwegian chocolate around and making everyone happy. Who wouldn’t be happy to see “Sunny” back at Old Trafford, all of them, those people that worked at the club, must have been very satisfied, but that had nothing to do with football, traning methods and transfer dealings.

Paul Pogba had a bad run just before Ole Gunnar Soslkjaer came in, managed to get a grip on a new role and shined a bit in the start, getting good support from Herrera and Matic in midfield, but without the two servants he never really managed to fulfill his potential and that has little to do with Solskjaer and Mourinho, it’s just the type of player Paul Pogba is, to get his freedom he needs to be served by battling players behind him.

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Simple stuff, not any magic behind this. When Pogba played for France he had a battling N’Gole Kant√® working his socks off to give him space and freedom to act on those terms that is given, and that makes Pogba special.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer did pick a great team against Cardiff City and he balanced it well, but with injuries, lack of form, fatigue and too many games in a short period of time you will all sorts of challenges that will be difficult to handle as we all could see towards the end of the season.

The fact that Man Utd ended exactly at the same place as they were in the PL when Jose Mourinho was sacked and almost with the same results, it tells a story of a team of players not better than the position they were in and that is really the truth, so why sack Jose, and just give a damn about continuity.

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Solskjaer is not brought in because of his previous life as a manager, or on a list of merits, and just being a boss in a caretaker capacity that can lift spirit. Why you appoint him full time and not look behind what is really going on, is a big riddle.

When appointing a manager at the largest clubs in the world, you should not act on impulse or just look at the last game played, you have to put a deeper thought into it, it looks strange to see how Manchester United can gamble with their future and make this appointment.

With the fixture list, the fact that Man Utd are now looking as a club entering an experimental face and working for a goal that was there just a year ago, being 2nd in the league. A huge gap from a season to another has no real impact, with Leicester City winning the Premier League with 10 points and the next being part of a relegation fight.

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The Paul Pogba affair is a bit like what was going on almost 50 year ago with George Best. Pogba i tired of Man Utd and Best was tired of football, hanging up his boots and lots of problems at the club at the time with managers changing and little or no continuity after Sir Matt Busby left as manager.

The big star faults and some of the best players are coming to a certain age and will not get better. Sir Bobby Charlton and Denis Law were still around, but they were not able to keep things flowing as it used to and you see the pattern.

The chance of Manchester United dropping into a mid table position or even being part of a relegation fight looks almost impossible, but with the form shown in the last month we might have to worry for the future.

The grim truth is that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is not attracting the right sort of players, doesn’t have the contacts at the shelf he is at, and the players available are either too expensive or not interested in a move.

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Big stars such as Alexis Sanchez, Romelu Lukaku and Paul Pogba all have a desire to leave, and even Marcus Rashford is linked with a move away from Manchester United, seen as a possible target for Barcelona.

The long and known interest for Harry Maguire was pulled of last summer when the England international signed a new and improved deal at Leicester City, and being given a price tag of £90million, you surely would think twice before you make an approach.

Manchester United is a club on the move, somewhere and up a hill, but surely that run will not be finished by the end of this season coming up. The real trut might be that Manchester United fans are living in the past, thinking of those great years of Sir Alex Ferguson, getting a sniff of it by seeing Ole Gunnar Solskjaer again and celebrating in their own little fantasy World were they like to be, wake up now, or you could end up like Leeds United did after Don Revie left.


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The Unique History of Terry McDermott, Olympic Gold and League Winning Medals

This history of Terry McDermott is probably well known among Liverpool fans going back to the early days of the 70’s and 80’s, but in the USA that same name has nothing to do with football, rather being famous for winning olympic gold medals in skating.

As the footballer Terry McDermott started his career the skater with the same name was on his swansong after winning the bronze medal at the 1968 Grenoble Olympics. McDermott the skater was a sprinter competing in the 500 meter competition.

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His total history of results are based on his participation at three Olympics during the 60’s, winning the Gold Medal in 1964 and the bronze as earlier mentioned in 1968. He finished 7th in his first on home soil in 1960, Squaw Valley, California.

We only have one Kevin Keegan and Kenny Dalglish, and we can seperate father and son Frank Lampard, due to the fact that we have the knowledge. But to see Terry McDermott as one both performing greatly on ice and a football field was a new aspect.

Terry McDermott, the footballer, started his career at Bury FC, and was snapped up by Newcastle at an early age, being spotted probably in that FA Cup final against Liverpool in 1974, despite being on the losing side he must have given an impression.

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After joining Liverpool shortly after the final, he never looked back, but as we all know returned to Newcastle to help them back to the top in a team with great talent, of course there was Kevin Keegan, but the likes of Peter Beardsley and Chris Waddle also had their say in that team.

Terry McDermott never played in the 1982 World Cup, but was in the squad and had before played 25 times for The Three Lions, and a few of those games coming in the Euro’s two years earlier.

We all know what happened at Liverpool for Terry McDermott, being selected and a key player during those wonderful years and successes under Bob Paisley, winning the European Cup, UEFA Cup and league titles in 1976, 1977, 1979, 1980 and 1982.

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Terry McDermott the skater managed to win his gold and when picking up the bronze he shared it with Norwegian Magne Thomassen. Terry McDermott the footballer had to see, being part of the England team, getting defeated by Norway, 2-1 back in 1981.

For Norway to defeat England in football back in 1981 was something that couldn’t happen, but on the day, with a carpenter in goal, a previous auditer and bankier in the heart of defense and some skillful amateur players working wonders, it all happened.

Norwegian football history was a fact, with Terry McDermott in the England side, just before that in the 1980 Olympics Terry McDermott were on the board of the comity and surely again part of US history as another great scater picked up five out of five possible goals in that competition, probably Eric Heiden was inspired by the only previous gold medalist from his country.

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