The hurtful truth about Manchester United, a life in imagination and total wilderness

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When you see how Manchester United are doing after the legacy of Sir Alex Ferguson and how history can see the club fall into big trouble. To see Liverpool and Man City so far above in the Premier League title race is hurtful, and they are trying to fix things by changing managers.

Football is a strange game, because, despite having a relatively good foundation, winning trophies and being able from a season to an other to actually compete for places in the Champions League race, you are still not 100% satisfied.

Everything because fans, owners and media decides it’s a failure, since all those trophies were won before. If you start to manage a change in a football club that way you are totally out of context.

No one, not even Jesus Christ can take over a football club like Manchester United, seen as success short term, coming in after a legend like Sir Alex Ferguson. When looking back you just ignore the fact that a number of games were lost, and that you seldom reached the finals of every single tournament each year.

You also decide to stamp people like David Moyes, Louis Van Gaal and Jose Mourinho failures because that is your style of management. Manchester United are not managed anymore, some people decides to take control of more than they can handle after Sir Alex Ferguson left his position, he was the one leading the club.

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The fixture list and of course going further in cup competitions as Man Utd did in the Champions League and FA Cup will stress your squad and also give you difficult times with injuries and such. The fact that opponents becomes harder and harder as further you go and of course meeting the Liverpool’s and Man City’s week in and week out is a challenge.

Fans, owners and pundits never talks about that. They just count wins and losses, goals against and not scored. They like to “bully” people and Man Utd is a great topic and everyone loves to nag them as they are “hot” when they are having problems. Big news stories and great amount of clicks. It’s the “black” and “white” situation. Either fantastic or crap. If you gonna run a football club from that point of view, you can just close the full factory down, it’s nonsense.

Jose Mourinho ended 2nd in the Premier League last season, no hurray’s, no celebration. He took Manchester United to the FA Cup final and they ended runners-up. The season before he won the Europa League and the EFL Cup. He even was in charge when they won away against Juventus in the Champions League.

Who in their right mind would sack a manager achieving those results in just two and half season in charge, a mad hatter. If Man Utd had stayed patient with Jose Mourinho they would have won games, all the games that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer won, no doubt about it, and this is a scam and total shame to see executives at this club just ruining a wonderful foundation.

There will be up’s and down’s, and the transformation of Man Utd is on, but at the moment it’s a stop and start situation. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer msut come to terms with his idea of how he should lead in the future and not talk about history and the Sir Alex Way, it’s no such way anymore.

The club had no big strange change, it’s just as under Sir Alex a club build on the same foundation. Big money transfers, some players with a long life at the club and again youngster coming up and forward. Scott McTominay was “for god sake”, given his Man Utd debut by Jose Mourinho.

Solskjaer has not turned things around, he has not worked wonders and he has not a magic stick. He got a good fixture list with a number of easy opponents and he won those games. He had a difficult day at work against Everton. Worked wonders away against Paris and Arsenal in the FA Cup.

Please be patient with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, even if he just picks up two points from his last three games. Would really believe that the World had come longer than this, just believing that sacking a manager is the way forward in football, it’s not.

Sometimes a change is needed but then based on results, not fear of a future you can’t see and why are not owners and executives at a football club part of the plan, part of the building and foundations and not believing that a single person is the one to celebrate or blame if a result in a football game is going against you.

Of course when you play the best teams such as Barcelona and Man City, and you have a squad with a few injuries, you could stumble against other oppositions to. To sack Jose Mourinho at Manchester United, based on results over his period as manager of the club. Looking at single results you should point out the games against Fulham at home and Juventus away, which probably are the best results this season and both coming under the management of Jose.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer will be under pressure if he can’t get Man Utd back in the title race next season, the answer will be “give him the sack”. If the fixture list next season will be difficult, no one keeps track on that. If you get Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham and Liverpool in the first five fixtures, you cannot base the whole season on those results.

If this continues, and the management at Manchester United believe that shaking up the player squad, introducing a new manager every season is the way forward, then they are gambling with the club, that is no good. Fans of this club must really understand that you go through difficult times in football, and it’s never or seldom solved by sacking the manager.

Chelsea and Arsenal were title contenders one or two seasons ago. Arsenal ended runners-up in 2015-16 behind Leicester, Chelsea won the league 2016-17, but they decided to sack the manager who just tried to build a new and younger team. Sad to see this going on, because it’s not taking football further.

Please stay calm, give Ole Gunnar Solskjaer time to work out his way at the club. His style and type of management can win trophies, he has done it in Norway, and he can do it in England. But without belief you are sadly not going anywhere. There are a lot of people getting their opinions and words out in the media that should never have spoken, they are just talking about the past, how things were when they were fab, and that they could have done it themselves.

When winning trophies are not “good enough” then you as a fan, owner or executive are “sick” and really not able to think clearly. When closing a massive gap, between you and a number of top teams, you should be happy, not just start talking about sacking or not trusting a manager losing games against Man City and Barcelona.

Ships with these type of personal will slowly sink to the bottom and just tearing themselves apart. No manager will be able to win or conquer “madness”.


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