Difficult fixtures and some stressful opponents, but 4-0 away loss to Everton, not acceptable!

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As a close follower of Manchester United and curious about the development under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer you are of course concerned at the moment. But to be fear to him, taking stats from the last games is a bit unfair. Forget the Barca games, don’t judge Solskjaer on them, just focus on PL games.

Everton met Manchester United probably at the best time in the season, but as stats tell the story, this was a very strange game. Manchester United had 54% possession through the game but had few clinical chances and Mr. Marco Silva is not to be faulted.

Silva does his homework, and he knows what players to “track down” and use “vanishing powder” on. Paul Pogba and Nemanja Matic are two players to get out of the game. With five players in midfield and two of them defensive, Man Utd are more or less stopped, if they cannot play up on Lukaku, Rashford and Martial.

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Strangely Ole Gonnar Solskjaer decided to leave Jesse Lingard and Scott McTominay on the bench, no need for that as both players clearly are better in should now play all games for the rest of the season.

The job for Solskjaer is to decide on plan a. This was in place for his first game against Cardiff City, and he should have stayed lojal to that plan, but with Matic and Herrera both out of longer periods, not easy to cover those two in form.

Matic was back for this game, but not 100% ready and Marco Silva used his “vanishing powder” on Lukaku and Rashford also, and watching the game from an analytical approach you will find the clues in Silva’s approach to the game.

Scoring the first goal was so vital, and Man Utd never found a way through to Jordan Pickford who had a relatively nice day at work. Central defender Kurt Zouma played with great confidence and was probably Everton’s best player.

To see Solskjaer juggling his defense, playing with a naive offensive system away to Everton, using Lukaku instead of Lingard, it’s really all down to a three men midfield to win a battle against five men in blue, not really easy. The fact that he is moving Lindeløf out of the center, leaving that job to Jones and Smalling is another riddle difficult to understand.

It’s like moving Bobby Moore to right back in the England 1966 team, you don’t take your best central defender and move him to the right to get in a weaker player, strange. Lindeløf should play every day and then Young is a better alternative to either left or right.

After watching Solskjaer for many years in Norwegian football you will get away with blunders like this, because you are strong enough, but in the Premier League making this crucial juggle you are lost and please don’t blame players for tactical errors and playing players out of position, that is a deadly sin Mr. Solskjaer.

We hope that things will be set back to the right positioning, if not this could be falling apart very fast. The Man Utd game is set up and very depending on Paul Pogba and taking him out as Marco Silva so brilliantly did today this team looks totally dead.

Transfer talk and latest rumours, Zaha set to leave Palace, Liverpool chasing Lyon captain

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Liverpool looks certain to land a transfer for Lyon captain Nabil Fekir. The 25 year old midfielder is one of French footballs finest players and to see him jump for a chance to play in England is no surprise.

Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Soslkjaer might not be happy with the news that Mike Phelan is set to leave and not continue as number two at Old Trafford. Phelan (56) is just a temporary solution, he could move back to his director of football job in Australia. Despite those worries, Michael Carrick seems to be close to agreeing new terms as part of Solskjaers backroom staff.

John Stones is eager to get more playing time and rumours are that his former club Everton, West Ham, Arsenal and Leicester City all are looking at his situation at Man City and if possible sign the highly rated England international.

Romelu Lukaku (25) is not certain to stay on at Man Utd. He is eager to play more and a big move either to Serie A or another Premier League club looks as a possible option. West Ham, Leicester and his former club Everton are all monitoring the situation and would be more than happy to add the Belgian international to their squad.

Rafael Benitez could be handed a contract offer with a chance to stay on for another season. Newcastle fans love their manager, and they hope that Mike Ashley will be able to convince the Spaniard that Magpies are the right place to be at a time were he might be attracted to other exciting options in the World of football.

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Arsenal target Nicolas Tagliafico could snub a possible move from Ajax to The Emirates, likely to be more tempted to move to Serie A and one of the bigger clubs, being linked with Juventus, Inter and Roma.

PSG are favorites, in the race for Crystal Palace winger Wilfred Zaha. Tottenham are said to be the front runner, but now with this interest few believe that Zaha will snub an offer from a club that next season will try to win everything in sight.

Hakim Ziyech could be a target for Manchester City. The 26 year old Morocco international has been in great form for Ajax and drawn attention from a number of big clubs. Ziyech joined Ajax from Twente in 2016, and before his time there he started out at Heerenveen.

Antonio Valencia is set to join MLS club DC United. If this move happens he will reunite with former team mate at Manchester United Wayne Rooney. Valencia has also drawn attention from English clubs and West Ham was earlier mentioned as a possible destination.

Borussia Monchengladbach and Belgian international midfielder Thorgan Hazard looks certain to return to Premier League next season with Arsenal and Liverpool keen to sign the brother of Chelsea’s Eden Hazard.

The future at Danny Welbeck at Arsenal is very uncertain. Unai Emery has hinted that a new contract offer could be happening, but also a chance to look elsewhere is always possible. Newcastle, West Ham and Everton are clubs that could be willing to put offers on the table, with Watford and Leicester also said to be in chase of a player with the type of quality and similar description.


Man Utd and Man City are both out of the Champions League, but pundits react so differently, why is that?

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The fact that both Manchester clubs are out of the Champions League and gone after the quarter finals is a fact. But while Ole Gunnar Solskjaer needs a full rebuild, no one asks that of Pep Guardiola.

The fact that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer last night played a game a day before their opponent Barca and Man City also had a day less than Tottenham to prepare, shows that lack of rest could be a key to the results.

While Pep is out, really pushing for a win, and against Tottenham, not really seen as a club fighting for the Champions League trophy, with a difficult task even to get out of the group stages, you don’t say he is the wrong man for the job or that he must rebuild his team.

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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer after a loss against the favorites to win the Champions League is given a go by most pundits and his team is hammered in media, stamped, not good enough. At home they put pressure on Barca, and to beat them over two games, not realy anyone is capable of that.

Liverpool is up next against Barca, and Jurgen Klopp might also have a problem, with the style he plays. His team is pushing forward and always trying to attack, against Barca that could be a problem.

To watch and listen to pundits is no fun, they are so into the last minute, so little talk about the total picture and just throwing words in as garbage gets to the bin. Barca is not the easiest opponent, and we just have to wait and see how Liverpool and Klopp will cope with that challenge.

Manchester United under Jose Mourinho or Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is almost the same team, the fixtures that OSG got in the start would also have been won by Mourinho, and the fact that the Portuguese won away to Juventus is not counting, bollocks, bollocks, bollocks.

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if a big club like Manchester United should be affected by a managers temper or how he acts, then they are so little that you can’t really imagine them as winners of any type of medals.

People are looking for scapegoats and one to blame when everything isn’t perfect, and they point their fingers at someone to try to solve a problem, instead of making justice and get the wrongs corrected.

Manchester United as a club needs a good coach, Jose Mourinho was one, if Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is that man, who knows. The fact that you are not at the stage Barca is, doesn’t really come down to Solskjaer, this or the next season, but silently trying to fill a gap between the two massive clubs that at the moment is based on one single point, that Lionel Messi is not for sale and that Sir Alex once sold a player named Pique.

Things can happen in the future for both Man Utd and Man City, the clear fact at the moment is that both clubs ended their Champions League in the quarters, with Man Utd losing to a stronger opposition than Man City.

Why should Pep go free and not be blamed, while Solskjaer has a massive job to do, because he is not winning any trophies this season and Pep still has a chance to add the FA Cup and the Premier League to his list of trophies.

Will Leeds with Bielsa reach the Premier League and beyond, interesting views and talk about the former greats

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Leeds United is a club with a proud history and most of it related to the years under Don Revie’s leadership. Revie left Leeds United 45 years ago, back in 1974, after lifting the League trophy and becoming the new England manager.

Since Revie’s retirement at Leeds United things have not really been the same, with shocking manager appointments and difficult days most of the time. The total shambles started just hours after Don Revie left his chair, appointing Brian Clough as manager.

Players didn’t want Brian Clough, they didn’t want anyone really, anyone else than Don Revie. They had grown up with him as a leader and everything died at Leeds that day Revie left Elland Road.

It’s been a few up’s with the league won again in 1991/92, and also reaching the Champions League Semi’s 10 years after, but again a really rollercoaster ride with no real momentum, no solid and concrete ground to build a foundation on.

The fact that they managed to get hold on Marcelo Bielsa, a mastermind of a football leader and at the same time a guy who is a genuine football lover and romantic, that just suits Leeds United.

But there has been shadows and there will be in the times coming up with a man who is obsessed with winning and doing almost everything, including spying on other teams, and knowing everything about their opponent, almost everything.

Bielsa’s way of analysing a football game, other players, systems and numbers makes you wonder if this is so complicated, if he is the best thing for football and so far other strategies has worked better. The once of Guardiola and Klopp, but all in all, they have used money Bielsa doesn’t have and that makes the perspective doesn’t it.

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Leeds United, the iconing words, that great team in white and some times in yellow, that legacy of Bremner, Giles, Lorimer and Clarke. The club that we really miss in the top flight, but we want them to be like they were, like we knew them. not a team build up by former Liverpool players, and legends in red.

Robbie Fowler, Ian Rush and Dom Matteo all more known from Liverpool than Leeds, became players that few or no one looking at the club history would say was Leeds through and through, and that is not the way Leeds United should look.

The need to get back to their DNA and with Marcelo Bielsa they are building a new future a new Leeds United, the team under Bielsa is starting to get shaped and we surely can see a great pattern and a new and strong identity under the new and “mythical” leader.

Leeds are looking as they will be back in the Premier League next season, and we have missed them, more than any other team in football. They were last seen in the top flight back in 2003-04, and it’s time to get them back.

A number of players such as Bamford, Roofe, Phillips and Kliche will be known as Leeds United players, since they all are getting to their best in a Leeds shirt, and hopefully will be among the players Bielsa will build on next season, just as Don Revie did when he took Leeds United up.

It was no shopping bonanza back then, just slotting in the one or two needed to really get the team going. The backbone of the team was there to see, the foundation to build up on and hopefully Bielsa will do the same.

Recent games are very positive, with wins at home to Sheffield Wednesday and away against Preston North End. Playing with possession and in a good way carving out results needed to see that shining light at the end of the season.

On Friday Wigan will come to visit and hopefully three new points will be collected. Brentford, Aston Villa and Ipswich Town are the three games left after that and hopefully Leeds United and Marcelo Bielsa will reach the holy land and start preparing for a life at the top, exciting to follow, best of luck.

Man Utd out of the Champions League, Nicky Butt arrested and Paul Scholes charged by FA

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Not the best week for the Man Utd faithful’s, being almost humiliated at Camp Neu, showing how far really “The Biggest club in the World” are from being the best on the planet.

Lionel Messi is still one of the best players on the planet, showing the Man Utd players how to be the clinical finish and “edge” that Paul Pogba should be for his club, but sadly far from being in a team lacking the quality of the best.

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News today is also sad reading with the arrest of Nicky Butt and Paul Scholes being charged by the FA for gambling while playing. Butt who is in charge of the Manchester United academy is not helping Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and the club with that episode close to the result out there tonight.

Paul Scholes who has earlier gone out and being critical about former manager David Moyes, Louis Van Gaal and recently talking down Jose Mourinho, made a strange decision to resign via text from his short stint at Oldham Athletic manager.

Recent news about Scholes being charged by FA for gambling while playing, is really shocking if that is true, since he, on the field, and also of it has been the real “white prince” but as we all know a really hard player to come up against when playing.

Sad week for Manchester United, and as we have seen the this project at Manchester United is far from being a finished article, probably being heavily helped by a very nice fixture list in the beginning and some very lucky moments a few weeks back.

A good analysis from Liam Brady and his party after the game, talking Man Utd after the defeat, getting everything right as the team is cleaned naked by Barcelona. They need to find a new momentum to be competitive.

The big question will be, will Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, with his permanent job, put all smiles back on the Man Utd fans when they are up against the best teams and the best opponents like Barcelona and Lionel Messi.

We honestly believed that Jose Mourinho probably was, maybe together with Jurgen Klopp, Carlo Ancelotti and Pep Guardiola, the only managers to get Manchester United back on track, but Ole Gunnar Solskjaer might get lucky again.

They were in the Champions League and the FA Cup with Jose Mourinho at the helm, they were sixth in the Premier League, at the moment they are out of the Champions League, not in the FA Cup and still number six in the Premier League.

EffZeh on route back to Bundesliga, looks a settled affair

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After a great run of fantastic results, the last two games are both drawn, but with 39 goals plus, and a point gap of 10 to Union Berlin in third, this looks certain to be a return to Bundesliga for the 19/20 season. Christian Clemens (picture) of course with good contribution.

The team has really shone under the management of Markus Anfang, who took charge in front of the new season after being recruited from Holstein Kiel. A young manager at 44 who ended his playing career at Eintracht Trier in 2010.

Anfang is born in Köln but never played for EffZeh but can take the team comfortably back to the top with a quality season in the 2nd tier. Hamburg who is in 2nd place were drawn against in the last game.

A goal from Drexler in the 24th minute wasn’t enough as Hamburg equalized from youngster and sub Manuel Wintzheimer. One player to watch as he also probably will be heading to the Bundesliga with his club next season.

The Köln team is mostly build with German players and that is cool to see in this time and of course with so many imports coming from different countries. Austrian Florian Kainz is one import the other is Spaniard Jorge Mere signed from Sporting Gijon.

You also have Jhon Cordoba who is a key player at Köln. The Columbian forward joined from Main two seasons ago. The 25 year old forward has been great scoring 16 goals so far in 27 games. A great tally for a forward.

We hope that Markus Anfang will ship shape his team in the games coming up and sail into the Bundesliga with a big point gap. Next is Dynamo Dresden in a game coming up on the 24th of April. Dresden looks safe in the 2nd tier, but down on the bottom half with 33 points.

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Then Darmstadt comes to visit and Greuther Furth away will be next after that. Up front it will be a new challenge for Cordoba who is partnered with Simon Terodde, who has also been in great form scoring 28 goals so far, a real top quality forward.

Terodde (31) has scored goals all over the place, but is really a late bloomer, not really getting the chance early in his career, playing in the Köln reserves, and getting a few games the last time he was around from 2009 to 2011. Terodde has played for Duisburg, Köln, Fortuna Dusseldorf, Stuttgart, Bochum and Union Berlin, before his great move back to Köln in front of this season.

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