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Owners can't sack themselves and the squad of players, so you're answer is, sack the manager !

DATE: 15.11.2017 - SOCCERVOICE - NEWS - SEASON 2017-18

To try to find an answer to a simple question, why are we not performing according to goals and expectations, and what are the consequences

In Norway they changed the system and the rules for childrens football, not caring about game results and just trying to focus on development as the main goal, so what happens.

The consequences for failure are nothing, because the result of the football game in itself doesn't really have anything to do with the goal of such a football club, because they are not paid by anyone regarding the result on the field.

Of course parents and players are disapointed when they lose, but the award for winning a game is nothing, since you are not allowed to show the winner at that age and really salut him or her, but instead show respect for the children that are losing.

The clubs running the grassroot football in Norway and the NFF get most of their revenue from quantity, and the best way to get the most income is to have a great number of members paying for their training and memberships, and they are all players or parents of players.

If you exclude them from teams and not allowing everyone to play a certain time in games, they will quit and their parents will also be gone, so the structure is based on the amount of activity and not in the result itself.

When results in football no longer matter, then the game in it self is dying and the grassroot is no longer in balance with the top level of the game and you will suffer a lot, not at once, but when the grassroot no longer care and start their own movement as they have done in Norway.

If you look at the Norwegian national team, they are far from their past level and fewer players are playing abroad and no players with a Norwegian passport are regularly performing in the Champions League.

The club teams are all, at least at the two highest levels, saying they are professional teams, but any youngster with another choice in life, will quit the game to consentrate on their university degree's and stay amateur players, at level four and five.

The reason for that is that among the teams at the two highest levels, you cannot live a life on the wages offered, if you are not in and around the first team. If you are number 15 to 22 in a squad, the clubs will not give you enough, but still demand that you are training the same amount.

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So how can the Norwegian model survive in modern football, most of experts believe that the decline in performances will actually ruin Norwegian football in the terms of competing on results, but as a grassroot movement it works fantastic.

Most clubs just consentrating on kids and parents, will be successful in this model, but they seldom manage to bring anything forward from the age of 16 and upwards, so what is then left, lower and lower performances by players at the age of 16 and above.

So why are managers sadly sacked in the top of the pyramid, because the financial situation is so dramatically changed when a team is relegated and the revenues will demage every plan of improvement and development.

The Norwegian grassroot model could have stopped all this, but again when everyone else in the World thinks the opposite, that winning a football game will be something to reward in money as it is today, then the excuse for that not happening is of course the manager.

Owners only way to change what he has done wrong, is to sack the guy they hired to run their business, if he fails, he has to go. The fact that you cannot deliver financial results according to budget and plans, are always a reason to sack a manager.

This is not very complexed at all, and if you look at a team like Palermo, this is more the rule than the opposite. In the last 10 years, 31 managers have been changed, the last one, Diego Bortoluzzi coming in April this year.

Palermo is currently the leader of the Serie B, and looking for a straight return to Serie A. In the last 10 years they have not changed the chairman, and in real that is were the power is, so you see that continuity at the club is there, but at another level.

We would of course welcome a bit more continuity among managers, with Arsene Wenger and Sir Alex Ferguson as great examples. But both of them delivered great results over a period of time, and never really flirting with situations that would harm the club financially.

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No one would be sacked by not being able to win the Champions League or Europa League, if you are above expectations in your own home league and doing as well as owners expect.

Looking at a club like Leicester City, who would not have sacked either Shakespeare or Ranieri, if they had managed not to flirt with relegation, after doing well above expectations in their previous season.

The way to change the sacking situation is to base clubs and competitions on more softer terms, as they have done with grassroot football, but that also shows decline in performances over time if you compete with teams and players in league that base their results on scores.

When the score in itself is a direct result of what you will earn or lose in your business, and of course not being able or certain to gain that kind of revenue next season, you will be desperate to avoid that situation, and the manager has to go.

UEFA or FIFA could make the game more soft and devide the revenue on a much larger scale, but then you will be challenged by other sports and businesses would draw their attention to other places and revenue would again slip through the fingers.

This would harm the life of football in total, and the game would of course be more soft, but less powerfull and in the end become less popular in terms of tv time .

A difficult life, but managers getting the sack in big time football, is not probably suffering much, they are getting a job somewhere else pretty fast, so you would say that having a merry go round situation in itself makes the water running.

The Norwegian model for grassroot football does not work when you start competing against teams from other nations, but you seldom do as a grassroot club, but in the total perspective of the full view, you are just going towards the grave, but in slower tempo, if you are after results.

In the sporting life the way forward is, hard training, a base of talent and a good teacher that knows what to do to get better and of course a bit of time, but as you see progress coming, you will soon find the perfect formula, but few have the stamina and support to get all the way.

The system as they are in football must be based on a logical path of level thinking, so that you get teams at the same level competing against each other, use the cup as a type of adventure place and just keep it going. Those getting to a higher level, are going up, those in decline, going down, very simple and easy.

To sack or not to sack, is basically as old as the planet itself, when to do it or not to do it, is a choice for the owners, and we could discuss this until the end of time.

Tromso was the only club that sacked their manager in the Norwegian league this season, if you don't count Burchnall who Viking sacked when they had been relegated. So far it looks as if the move by Tromso was a wise one, but the season is not finished.

Aalesund and Sogndal, both in the relegation fight, have been loyal to their managers, and Aalesund managed to win their last game, before the international break, against Rosenborg, and are still fighting.

If Tromso stays up, the former Derby man Simo Valakari, will be seen as a hero, saving the club. The financial gap between the two top divisions in Norway is not that big, and the fanbase is very loyal, at a number of clubs, and smaller, so you are not punished that hard.

But in the end, the Norwegian league is probably not a great example on how football should be played and performed, as they seldom or never manage to get far in the European cups and with their national team.

But the failure in it self is when grassroot football, who in a way is the base for all football, starts to run their development in a wrong direction and becomes soft, then the result in the end also will be soft, and you will not be able to compete in a game based on another level of performance.

So maybe you could do as baseball has done, introduce a new and different game, the softball game. Soft soccer could be based on the quantity system and hard soccer, when you compete as to become better in quality and the soft system for those competing to just be part of an activity.

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